Buying an xNT without the kit?

Hi all.

Is it possible to buy just the injection assembly and xNT implant?

I’m worried that an overzealous south-american customs agent might get the package confiscated, and the smaller it is the less likely it is to be seized.


Hello Osito,

We have successfully shipped to SA before. If they refuse the package, it will bounce back to us and we will separate the xNT chip from the injector and re-ship it for free. You can then take it to any body piercing shop and ask them to use a 10g needle and taper to perform the installation.

We don’t currently have any installation partners in SA, but would love for you to follow the guide to approaching one, and maybe they would be interested in becoming a partner.

I know that Argentinian customs are particularly nasty, so I’ll be flying to Chile, where customs is a little more lax. I already know of at least one pro piercer who has shown interest in RFID implants, so hopefully I’ll have news soon! :grin:

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