Buying only a capsule

Hey I’m looking into implanting a chip but before I go ahead and put it in my body is want to see how useful it would be in my every day life so I want to embed one in a 3d printed ring and use that for a while but the xNTI is sold in a kit can I buy a capsule on its own for cheaper no need for it to be sterilised

We don’t manufacture the xNT or offer it in this form factor. The expensive aspect of the xNT is not the sterilization or even the injector syringe it comes in, it is the relatively low volume manufacture (compared to billions of pet tags), acquisition cost of the wafer die the chips come from, and extra quality and safety checks put in place. So, in the end, the price for “just the chip” would be nearly the same.

If you buy an xNTi kit, you can remove the chip yourself and test it in your ring. If you are happy with your tests and decide to put it in your body at a later date, you can take it to one of our professional partners, have them autoclave (sterilize it), and put it in with a 10g piercing needle. + taper.

Would you need to be over 18 to get it done by a professional

Not typically. Many professional body piercers will work on people under 18 as long as their parents are there to sign the release form in person.