BV100 (nickel-63 | diamond semiconductor)

Betavolt’s BV100 is (apparently) a game-changer at battery tech. Using two thin single-crystal diamond semiconductor layers sandwiching a 2-micron layer of ⁶³Ni, these sandwiches can be stacked to form independent units. The BV100, sealed for protection, can produce 100 microwatts at 3 volts in a compact 15 x 15 x 5 mm size. It aims to power devices like mobile phones indefinitely and drones non-stop. Currently in pilot production, a larger version is expected in 2025. With 10 times the energy density of lithium batteries, it’s fire-resistant and avoids recharging cycle issues.


How could that (even 100 of them):

Power a mobile phone? Let alone indefinitely :thinking:

I haven’t done the math for energy density but it sounds very low.

Yeah I mean… classic media not understanding anything they are reporting and making logical leaps. I guarantee no engineer said those things to the “journalist”… hell I doubt even a marketing person said those things… and that’s saying something because usually those guys purposefully lie about anything and everything.

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