Call for UK MFC Keys

Hi there, most of you know me as ragebolus I’ve changed my name :).

I’ve asked this in the discord but thought I might widen the net by asking here

I’m looking to pool a collection of Mifare classic 1-4k sector keys derived from UK institutions/places owned by the govt as part of a university project to map the keygen algorithm of UK government institutions and was wondering if any of the members here would be willing to contribute to the cause

I don’t need any identifying information at all, just the 6byte keys, no UIDs locations or whatever just the keys from places in the UK under ukgovt management like public schools, colleges and other buildings

EDIT: made a form thanks to the wonderful suggestion from @grongor find it at this link :slight_smile:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m not from the UK, so I can’ help, but I’d suggest that you add an option for people to send you the ID without you being able to identify them, so use some anonymous form service just to collect the IDs via form, and nothing else :slight_smile: An example that comes to mind is Google Forms, easy to do, but I’m not sure about the anonymity there - If you are able to submit it without logging in, I would consider it to be anonymous.

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edited post, thanks for the suggestion!



I’m being helpful aint I?


i kinda had a thought that it might be fun to fork the MCT app to pull key files from a github repo that people could submit pull requests to update a kind of shared key database.

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there is but the library isn’t yet available