Can a Desfire Card be bricked?

before im going to implant this thing im curious if it is possible to brick the rfid tag?

I played around with libopenkey and now im not able to format the desfire card:
Found Mifare DESFire with UID 80df3a1a. Format [yN] y
*** authenticate ***
===> 0000 90 0a 00 00 01 00 00 |… |
<=== 0000 91 ae |… |
mifare-desfire-format: Can’t authenticate on Mifare DESFire target.

How can i format/reset this card?

I’ve not looked deeply into it, but I’m sure there are settings that can brick a DESFire chip if there are too many bad authentications… that setting even exists in a simple NTAG216 chip, though it’s not activated by default… but a secure chip like the DESFire, it probably would be active by default. Have you tried to authenticate several times with the wrong key or password?

Do you have any apps defined on this chip or are you trying to authenticate the master key?