Can a knife be implanted?

Can a knife be transdermally implanted?



It’s not a good idea though


Yes, it’s called getting stabbed. I would not recommend getting stabbed though, high risk of major blood loss and infection.

Joking aside, a knife is far too big to be implanted. The things we implant here are a couple centimeters long at most. Even if you could implant one, it wouldn’t be able to cut anything if it were to be sealed in a biosafe container, and if you don’t use one of those, it’s gonna be infected.

Why would you want to implant a knife? There are no benefits at all.


There are so many other bits of important info you failed to include in your question

I have soo many questions

I can a few assumptions at the direction this is heading

I’ll play along, because this promises to be good

  1. you want to to smuggle somewhere, or in case of emergency
    ….You need a knife to get it back out… not just out of your skin, but out of whatever you used to make it biocompatible, and likely way tougher than skin
    you see the irony and paradox yes?

  2. you want to be able to use it as a weapon?
    Some going from inside your skin to outside skin, really isn’t possible long term, it eventually gets infected or ripped out since the skin doesn’t seal to it… you know what skin seals even less to? A sharp cutting implement that it moves against :man_shrugging:t2:

  3. You think someone implanted a knife in you, without your knowledge or permission,
    …while this would be a new one, there is a special thread you’ll fit right into


You just made my day!

First thing I thought when I saw the question was this:

I literally spent 20 minutes laughing before I could get up from the floor to react to this!
Thanks so much!


it can be done and has been done


I thought some actually did this already? I’m thinking it was one of those survivalist / kidnap escapists?

My memory is not coming up with an exact google-able memory though.

I’m thinking this is a “when can I have mantis blades?” situation


Soon™ :wink:


If I were to have a weapon implanted that doesn’t work until you dig it out, I’d go all Gun Woman. Although maybe take out a couple organs I could live without to make extra room so I don’t have such a short time span after digging it out lol

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Lol i was thinking about that #just watched cyberpunk :joy::joy::joy:

The TL;dr