Can a teen get implants safely?

I’m currently a high school teen interested in tech, and came across biotech. I’m very interested in getting an implant, probably NeXT and a magnet, but is it safe for me to do so? Will the implant be an issue for my hand growing or will my hand growing be an issue for it? If so, does anyone know a place I get can it done in Illinois?


First let me say, you need to get your parents consent. To do this inform yourself how the installation works, you need to be able to tell the piercer what they’re doing wrong. It’ll help convince your parents and make the process as safe as possible.
Second I guess it shouldn’t be a problem technically, I don’t think growing is a concern.
You’ll probably have a hard time finding an installer though, even with your parents.
NExT is a good choice if you don’t have locks or anything yet, a magnet in the finger is probably a bit extreme for your age.
Check for installers.

Maybe check out Lessons learned 📚 and VivoKey Spark Professional Installation Procedure Guide - YouTube and like everything in the wiki category.

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Thanks for the info! I’ve already checked the map, and there were none near me within a reasonable distance, so maybe someone else knows someone willing to do it, but not listed.
And getting them to do it in the first place I knew wouldn’t be easy, but willing to give it a try. In the worst case not being able to find anyone to do it, would a magic ring be a good alternative?

The magic ring wont allow you to put a URL or contact in there, but if your goals are building your own access control, laptop login, get a door lock etc, then the ring is good.

Maybe you can ask a doctor or a nurse who can help you with the installation.

Magnet I would say the xG3 - it is also in a needle.

I was actually just thinking the same and was going to ask. I know now they do piercings for kids knowing they’ll just get it done somewhere worse if they don’t. So would my normal doctor be able to help? Or is it the same as finding an ear piercer to do so.

Hey buddy, have a read through this recent thread.
there are probably some more answers to some questions you haven’t asked yet.

Slightly different scenarios, but useful nonetheless


Oh I thought you were tagging me saying to look at this thread. Thanks person who is definitely not an ai of amal’s brain and the entire forum.

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I’ve asked my parents, one said to ask the other, and the other said no. Mainly due to the fact that I’d be putting something inside of me that isn’t mainstream or approved, which I don’t blame them for. My alternative is a ring until they’d say otherwise. I see there is a dual frequency ring, similar to the NExT, and a magic ring. One of my plans would be to have the ability to store a URL and/or contact, along with my iPhone being able to passively read it. You said it wouldn’t be able to do that, is there somewhere I can read the differences and what it can do?

This ring has a changeable 4 Byte NUID

Correct, and if you want to store a URL, then this is the one you want.

BOTH rings have an LF T5577.

Regarding your iPhone “issue”

Apple don’t think the people who lease own their iPhone handsets can be trusted to manage the security risks of allowing access to your contacts, so you can’t share a VCard.

Luckily for you there is a workaround.

Check out these as see if one suits you

Unless you have size 6, the dual frequency ring is out of stock for ever afaik.

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addition to my post

Basically you are looking at the ring form factor of a NExT Implant compared to a FlexMT in functionality (although the chip on the ring of the Magic Ring is a gen2 rather than the gen1a in the FlexMT.)

See here for the difference of magic chips

A Spark2 will also give you the ability to provide contact details, multiple links etc.

The Page they are directed to will display your profile
(unfortunately they can just directly import this as a contact) but they could take the info from that page to create a contact
but the links could direct them to wherever you like such as popl etc

Thanks for the info! That was essentially my plan, some site with my info or whatever I wanted. But it seems I’d be out of luck for getting a NExT in ring format. I’ll keep learning more and hopefully at some point get an implant.

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Coming up soon™ the Vivokey Apex ring.

A very brief mention here…

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Thats only half of the truth.You could argue that glas implants are used for animal chipping for a long time now with scientific knowledge of reputable manufacturers. So this is not a new technology.

Here are statements of SCHOTT

SCHOTT VivoTag® transponder glass tubes have been successfully tested for biocompatibility (cytotoxicity, hemo-compatibility) in animal applications, which means the glass causes little or no immune reaction when subcutaneously injected or implanted.

VivoTag® glass has passed stringent tests for biocompatibility and is proven to have negligible probability to cause inflammation, allergies, or toxic effects in animals. For additional security, it’s also possible to seal the capsules in a clean-room process due to the glass’s infrared-absorbing capability.

the american food and drug administration also authorized the VeriChip in 2002.
This is also a glas implant and fully authorized for human usage.