Can I autoclave xMagic assembly?

Soooo, I went to self install(really my dad was doing it cuz I don’t have that many hands) an xMagic in L0 today. Well we didn’t quite get how much larger the needle was and dropped the tent before we got the needle in and had to abandon it. I’m just wondering how do I clean it now? The assembly is covered in lube and definitely not sterile anymore. Can I just bring it to my installer and have him autoclave the whole thing?

nope, you cannot resterilize the entire assembly

There is a re-sterilization service now on the DT site.


Ehh I think for the xMagic you can autoclave the assembly one time… if your autoclave has a plastics mode then use that.

There are nuances to autoclaves. The simple ones just fill a chamber with steam for predetermined amount of time at a particular temperature and that’s it. The problem is these simple autoclaves don’t do well with sterilizing the insides of tubes or long cylinders. To properly sterilize those there are autoclaves that effectively use steam and pressure and vacuum and alternate those things a few times in order to try to get the sterilizing action from the hot water molecules into these long tubes and cylinders.

Basically if you’re working with a piercing shop or a decent medical office that routinely sterilizes complex medical instruments (more complex than simple scalpels and forceps) then it should be fine.


Alright, well I can’t get access to these sorts of autoclaves. My installer just has a little autoclave and I don’t know anyone else with access to one. Can I send it back and have it resterilized? It’s kinda lubey now. We didn’t even get past the bevel so it’s not bloody. Just a lot of lube.

Yeah I can clean it all and re-sterilize with low temp gas plasma… but the alternative would be for your artist to just clean it all off with hot water, then autoclave the chip outside the needle and autoclave one of their piercing needles or the assembly without the cap on and no chip inside (nice open hollow tube / needle)

Once sterilized, they can use sterile gloves to place the chip back into the needle (difficult and unnecessary) or just use the assembly / needle (or a piercing needle) to make the incision and pocket, then remove the needle and, using sterile gloves, pick up the chip off the sterile field and insert it into the incision.


My installer got back to me and he’s just going to sterilize the implant alone, make the pocket with a piercing needle, and then insert the needle by hand.

Now I just need more implants to make the trip worth it.