Can I clone a bus virtual nfc card?

Hello, In my city, the bus company started to work with NFC cards or virtual NFC (in the phone).

The problem is I choose the virtual NFC, which is in very early beta, and I can’t change to the card until the following year…

So I want to clone my virtual NFC card to a physic card and see if it works better…

I have tried scanning the phone with another phone but it always prompts the Google pay credit card…

Any ideas? Thanks.

Do you have a ProxMark3?

Have you tried turning off Google Pay on both phones and scanning?

If your virtual card uses a fixed UID, that will be a step in the right direction, but the journey will not be over.

You need to know what chip would be compatiable with the transport system.
There are some that are easy but most a difficult.

Your easiest option to find this info out is with an actual card.
Could you open a seperate new account with a card?

Which City are you living in?

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Hi, thanks for your answer @Pilgrimsmaster .

No, I don’t have a ProxMark3.

I have tried disabling google pay, but it comes with the system, and even if I “force it” to stay away, it always prompts.

I live in Barcelona.