Can i clone more than one card to the xm1

I’m not trying to plug it, it’s just that whenever someone mentions logging into a Windows PC or coexisting into a M1k’s memory, I mention it because… well, it works - and people ask about these things often enough :slight_smile: I might as well save others the time it took me to discover a good login software.

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Sounds like a plug to me :rofl:

Not a bad thing… Just an observation

If I was trying to plug something, I really should plug MY own Linux login software: best thing you never saw under Linux, I kid you not.


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Well played my friend, very subtle!
I just happened to have bought myself a Linux :penguin: laptop :computer: last night, so I guess I will have to give that a whirl when it arrives

@fraggersparks get an eyeball on that maybe? :slight_smile: