Can i clone more than one card to the xm1

Hey all I’m very new to this . I have a few questions.

I would like to copy my train card that uses mifare classic and put into an xm1(when I get one eventually)
My question is. Once I do this can I also copy another card but still use previous clone aswell?. I effectively want to use my xm1 for 2 different cards . If this is doable Will the reader used (at train station) only read the card that it is supposed to?
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No, there is one chip with one ID so you cant clone 2 chips entirely.

However there are multiple pages on the chip so if you have use cases that do not need to read from the same location on the chip, but I would not bet on 2 off the shelf cards having no collisions. Only way I could see it working is if you clone 1 card then if there is any unused pages you could use that for storing data for a DIY thingy (technical term :stuck_out_tongue:) but I am just spit-balling, I have not actually tried this idea.

Thank you! So I could program it to my train card but also use it for something else that just reads the ID and unlocks something ? I ideally will be getting the ultimate implant pack so will have three implants .

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Yes after you clone the card you could enroll the card with multiple systems you own no problem.

I was also saying that the chip has multiple pages (data blocks in the image)


Your train card probably only uses some, so if you identify what blocks it is not using you might be able to load data into those unused blocks. Unfortunately you but you would need to code your own reader to only read the bit that the train card left unused.


Thank you, I am struggling to understand all of this. What are blocks etc?
I’m very new

Think of the xM1 like a book.

The train card reader is coded to look at specific things for example it might know to look at the :

  • Title in the case of the xM1 this would be the UID
  • Page 1 might have your name, DOB, etc printed on it that would be a data block on the xM1
  • Page 2 might have your credit on it (That would be nice #freetravel :stuck_out_tongue:) this would be another data block
  • Page 3-6 are not needed by the train card system so are blank and never looked at by the train reader, more data blocks

If you where to theoretically have something that only looked at page 3-6 say a computer password with a DIY reader like this @Vicarious shared a while ago.

As for enrolling your cloned train pass to another system, if you have say a door lock that only looks at the UID (Book title) you can tell it to let in the “title” of your train pass without having to change anything about the data on the xM1 (in the book)

I hope my analogies help :grin: :

Anyone else please feel free to clarify anything I may have oversimplified :sweat_smile:


I also recommend having a read through the posts in this section, there is lots of great info


Thank you so much for all this info! So if I had coded my train pass in… and it only used block 1 and 2 could I get onto my computer use a reader and fill the rest of the blocks with any information I want?

Yes, you got it.

Note I was spit-balling with that idea, I have not tried it (yet) and it would depend on the train card system, it could use all pages if that is how they designed it.

Thank you! Also to add to this . If I wanted to store all my passwords as writting can this be done using an xm1? Or would I be better of putting this on my next?

The upcoming apex chips would be best but there not out yet.
Currently the xSIID would be best as it has the most storage I think. (EDIT: I lied, this has more storage,
Between the xM1 and NExT I’d pick the NExT because the xM1 is the only option for NFC applications that need a specific UID currently afaik.

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Thank you! I decided I would just have an nfc guarded database on my phone and use my next to unlock it. I also worked out the spark 2 can be used for a business card also
I will also use the next for random cloning of cards in the future for temporary applications

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The VivoKey app has a password manager I believe. But not 100% sure.

Thank you again! Super excited now

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Your welcome, glad I could be of some assistance.


The app itself does not, the VivoKey Vault service will use a totally separate app, and browser extensions etc. but authentication to unlock the password database will go through the VivoKey app and chip scan.


Oh man, I am so excited.

If I understand correct, this implant I am about to get will soon be the whole reason I started looking for implants to begin with.


The next project after Vault will be a VivoKey local computer authentication cred provider for windows and a PAM for mac/linux…


I have, and it’s not even DIY:

  • The Yale Doorman V2N lock on my front door uses sectors 0 -> 6 on my Mifare Classic 1k implant
  • The Rohos Logon Key software on my work PC uses sector 10 on the same implant. That works because it’s cleverly configurable to exploit unused sectors.
  • and of course, most other toys / software I interact with using that chip use sector 0 (UID)
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Geez @anon3825968 you should be getting a commission from Rohos :wink: