Can I Clone this card to my xSIID?

The top picture is my card, bottom one is my implant.

Or is it that the UID is non-reprogrammable and I can’t make my implant act like this card, and I would have to add my implant to the system rather than cloning it?

The xSIID does not have a user writable UID.

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Yeah, this

It still may not work, but it could, so it is worth a try if that is a possibility

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Just said they won’t add it because they don’t understand and the technology do they aren’t willing to “risk it”. Student housing btw. :confused:

I’ve ran into this, you’ll have to do some social engineering and get them to also think it’s a cool idea, and they are scared of the unknown, so make it known, if they have questions answer them. Make them feel comfortable.

Also maybe go when a different person is working the desk.