Can I copy a HID Proximity Card to my xEM?

Hi all, first off I appreciate any and all replies.

My work uses a card that has ‘HID PROXIMITY’ and the numbers 01440 stamped into it, and it appears to be identical to this reader: Smart R Distribution Ltd - THE Access Control Distributor

Boss has given me the green light, and now I’m just wondering the how. I haven’t needed to copy onto my xEM before as i had just had it added to my previous workplace instead, and I was just hoping someone could tell me if I was correct and it was this simple:

I have a proxmark 3 on the way in the mail, is as simple as just reading then writing? I know with my xNT chip some cards simply cant be cloned onto it, is there a similar situation with the xEM?

Again, I appreciate all replies.

Thanks, Ryan.

for 99% of LF cloning it’s simple read and writing which, depending on the exact chip in your card will be doable with the proxmark

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From my experience it’s as simple as lf search and then lf hid clone -r xxxxxxx to the t5577. Just be mindful to maintain a good coupling, and IIRC @amal suggested somewhere sometime the ability to add a delay between when the command is issued and the command is executed. Though, I might be mistaken on the who, but I’m sure of the what. I’ll do some digging and see what I can find.

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Knew it was there somewhere. Hadn’t had a chance to dig for it yet. Thanks!


So after running pm3 → lf hid clone -w H10301 --fc 164 --cn 125 , both my xEm and proxcard appear to be the same - I cant test it at the office until next Tuesday, but until then does this look correct to you?\

Thanks a bunch for the replies everyone!


yep looks good to go!

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Brilliant, Cheers!

Worked like a charm, thanks everyone!