Can I copy the UID of a Desfire Card to a NExT implant

Would I be able to copy the UID (7 byte) of my Desfire access card to the UID of the NExT , my building only scans the UID part of the tag

Nah, that won’t work. The UID of NFC chips can only be changed if they have a Chinese “magic” backdoor feature. AFAIK there are no DESFire chips available with that feature.

Even if they were available, you would not be able to use your NExT because the HF (13.56MHz) side of the implant is an NTAG216, which is a completely different chipset that is also not cloneable. The only part of your NExT which is has a changeable “UID” is the LF side (125kHz) because it uses a T5577 chip, which does have the “magic” backdoor feature.

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Would the reader see the UID of both chips (It’s High and Low frequency)

That depends entirely on the reader.

You may want to post any information on the reader and we can try and let ya know

I’m not too sure about that. Here is a link to a post talking about a magic Desfire that was good enough to fool some UID based systems.

I even found a store that was selling the cards:

I know you don’t want the card, but if you got it and it works then Amal may be willing to make a custom chip if you have bribe money.

Not if it’s a reader intended for DESFire chips. I can’t imagine them being dual frequency. DESFire is a “newer” technology that doesn’t interface with the legacy LF systems.

You could request that the system administrator add the UID of the HF side of your NExT to the system. The whole point of a “Unique Identifier” is that only one chip will have it. If it truly does “only scans the UID” then that may work.

I know for a fact it supports high and low frequency chips because some people have low and mine is obviously high, I was just concerned whether it would pickup both of the tags, and then fail because of it getting multiple, I’ll probably just got a Desfire EV2

We’ve got some small amount of this cards in stock. Will be added then to our store soon

DESFire also doesn’t just rely on the ID if the tag.

They normally have applets that enable a secure and (hopefully) encrypted communication to the reader.

You can use the magic DESFire cards and some tools can actually emulate them. However if there is an applet being used and not just the UID then you’re out of luck.

Unless you can crack and decrypt the key to it. …