Can I drop my nonsterile xNT in some 90% ISO and reimplant?

I’m curious from a medical pov if alcohol would be enough to resterilize. Botched one of my xNT implants and would be interested in another go so I don’t have to buy a new one. I’ve done this in the past with piercings and it has been fine but I’m not sure about something that stays under the skin 100%.

Probably, years ago (7-8) when I done my first implant I wanted to make 100% sure it worked first.

ejected it from the syringe
tested it
dropped it into iodine
put it back in the syringe
iodine coated my hand
Went for it

Never had an issue!

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I’ve got some iodine as well I’ll give this a shot. I got an extra xem as well so I can pop that one out of it’s injector, sterilize the xNT and pop it in the new injector

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I mean, it’s certainly not recommended and it won’t be sterile (whether or not it would be close enough is a different question). Just be well aware isopropyl doesn’t kill everything.

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No don’t do this.
I’d suggest trying to get it put thorough a autoclave if you needed to use that one.

I’m pretty sure DT would exchange it for a sterile one anyways

Be careful with steam autoclaves, too;


not many people know that iodine itself does not do much… the drying action of iodine does most of the killing of germs… when iodine dries it forms trillions of little crystals that physically rip apart viruses and bacteria… but if it is not given a good chance to dry, it will not do much. This is why nurses and PAs installing Norplant style implantable birth control were getting such high numbers of infections from patients … I used to have a youtube link that showed an RN swabbing on iodine, then ramming in the applicator while the shit was still wet and shimmering on the arm… I guarantee that resulted in an infection. Even Chlorhexidine, a surgical grade antiseptic, requires at least 60 seconds on the skin to achieve maximum effectiveness… this is just the time it takes for the molecule to get inside the bad guys and do its business… but so many people rush the disinfection protocol, its just bad.




yes just run the chip through, not the injector… once the chip is clean from the autoclave, test it for function. it should have been processed inside a pouch, so you can test and keep it sterile. the professional can use a piercing needle to perform the installation… place needle, drop chip down the needle, place a taper (metal rod) behind the chip, remove needle… do not push the chip out with the taper, use the taper to hold the chip in place while the needle is retracted.