HELP ! Implant not settling! TW: open skin

Help !
After a few weeks of hard cicatrisation, the tragus xg3 i have had a crust over the injection site. A part of the crust just fell down, but it was wet and soft unlike usual. I rushed to my bathroom and found my implant visible (see pic). I touched nothig (I think). My installer is not aviable now. I have access to desinfectant. Am I good to pour disinfectant on it and my hands, push it back and put a bandages ? Do I need to pull it out ?

you need to get that out asap

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Okay it’s out, disinfected and bandages (they don’t stick well tho…) and the magnet is in a bag of disinfectant.

My installer is offering me a sterilization and reinstall next week. His machine goes to 135°C. @amal is that under the xG3 v1’s Curie point ? Or is it better to leave it overnight in a antisceptic bath ?

Too hot :hot_face:


Chlorhexidine or isopropyl alcohol for a few days.

Soaking in iodine is not necessarily a good idea:

Alternatively, DT has a sterilization service for flex implants and chances are that Amal will be able to sterilize a magnet safely.

Okay I’ll get some ipa tomorrow an let it in until the reinstall

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Okay I got the implant in a sealed bag. I have a washed with soap, iodine and UV pill bottle in a sealed bag too. Tomorrow, I take the bag with the pill bottle to work and fill it up with IPA.

When I get home, I take the implant, mechanically wash with soap, then iodine, let it dry on a sterile wipe, then store it in the IPA in the pill bottle in the bag.

48h minimum later I go to my installer. I take out the implant with a magnet in a sterile glove and put it on a sterile wipe. Disinfect with iodine (and wait for it to be dry) and then proceed to a “normal” install.

To me it seems like the best mitigation of risks I can take right now. What do you think here ?

To be clear, that disinfectant looks like iodine. Iodine does not do much in its liquid form to disinfect. It works by infiltrating and surrounding germs… viruses and bacteria… and as it dries it forms crystals which tear those infectious agents apart.

Of course there are certain infectious agents that are neutralized by contact with iodine but for maximum efficacy there must be time to allow the iodine to infiltrate and then crystallize during drying.

There was a legal challenge to norplant… The injectable birth control for women. There were all these infections happening and when the injection process was reviewed, it said to use a disinfectant. Then all these videos began to surface of nurses preparing the area with iodine but not giving it sufficient time to settle or dry before injecting. They were basically injecting wet iodine chock full of infectious agents directly into the arm with the implant.

If nurses aren’t even aware of how to properly use iodine as a disinfectant, I can’t blame you or anyone else… But knowledge is power and just soaking something in iodine is not going to do a very good job.

I would use an alcohol-based disinfectant and if you can find it, a chlorhexidine solution that is not tainted with dye. For animal use on the skin, it’s usually chock full of dye and that’s not very good to get in your body either.

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My installer has one of those, so i’ll probably also use it once there.

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Just an aside… anytime there is a tight area like the tragus, and you want to install something where you do not have the room to add an additional 3 to 5 mm of depth to allow for healing… A stitch is necessary.

When you insert a needle or an X series like that into a pocket, there is what’s known as the zipper effect as it heals. The healing will begin from the end of the pocket furthest from the incision and heal kind of like a zipper. This will tend to push the X series implant back toward the incision site at least 3 to 5 mm. Unless you have a stitch, there is a chance it will force its way back out of the incision during this process.

The other alternative for shallow placements is that the area of the body has somewhat loose fascia tissue and the X series implant can actually work its way under the incision back in the opposite direction of the pocket so the implant ends up 50% behind the incision in 50% in front of the incision. I’ve seen that before without a stitch, but only in advantageous areas of the body.

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This belongs in the nightmares about implants thread… that picture definitely increases the chance of one for me


Definitely ! Tbh it disturbed me so mutch it made my anxiety skyrocket (I allready had other stressful things going on, but that was a big thing on top of it) and I barely slept 3h last night :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Our nursing education in the US is terrible. They are fed through it and spit out incredibly fast into a cutthroat work environment where if you mess up at almost anytime you risk commiting manslaughter, or at the very get sued…all the while whatever facility you work at is incredibly understaffed leading them to cut corners where ever possible to save time, which leads to complacency even when you do have time. Meanwhile instead of hiring more permanent staff and paying their current staff more, they give(in a lot of cases) 6 figure salaries to travel nurses from Travel medical companies. they spend about 2 weeks on all of IV infusion; IV catheter procedures, how fast to push medications, pump flow rates, how to use ports, etc and they only get to practice on each other less than a dozen times before doing practicing on patients …so if you ever have an IV screwed up a by newer nurser know it’s not their fault, they were setup for failure. I have no idea how they train and teach the other areas of nursing, but if it’s anything like that…

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Just to be clear @Formica … I’m not saying your situation is nightmarishly bad…
It’s definitely not great… but as long as your are patched up and watch for infection your probably fine… (consult people who are not me for meaningful options on medical)

More that we have a thread talking about actual dream nightmares… and it’s a very common theme for something to happen and an long heal implant for some nightmare reason decides to poke through the skin

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The tragus is so hard to deal with. I pierced both of mine twice and they took forever to heal.

I wish there was a clear solution

All’s well that ends well ! I got it reinstalled in my left tragus today (potential Aloy cosplay will have to be mirrored :upside_down_face:). My installer made extra space for it to not being pushed out. And I wont take off the stitches before minimum 3 weeks. I have learned my lesson !


3 weeks might be a bit too long to leave stitches in

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