Can I join an email list or something?

We often get requests from people who want to join an email list so they can get announcements about a particular product or release. We do not maintain an official email list, and we don’t really send out emails. If you want to be kept up to date with the happenings around here, we do have the following options;

Announcements category

Join this forum and subscribe to the announcements category. We post all updates there, and if you subscribe you will get an email alerting you to any new posts there!

DT Club

You might have noticed some members with gold stars on their profile avatars, like this;


These are the prestigious members of DT Club! What is DT Club? It’s like a Dangerous Things internal Patreon program to support Amal / DT on a subscription basis, and as such a supporter you gain access to DT Club posts and threads here on the forum, which offer insider information on happenings around the lab, current projects in the works, and in-depth discussions with levels of detail not posted in public forum threads. If you want to join DT Club, click the Subscribe option in the navigation to get started!

Facebook pages and groups

We have some pages and groups you will probably want to join;





Yes there is a Discord server, but I must say the service is aptly named. It can be a rough place… a bit wild west in there at times. That said, Discord is a social hangout for many and varied personalities with one common interest. The way Discord works provides a highly interactive platform for the fast flowing exchange of ideas, but sometimes discussions can quickly get derailed and even heated. Discord server admins like @leumas95 and @Devilclarke that work hard every day to keep the place civil, helpful, and most importantly focused on biohacking are owed a big debt of gratitude from myself and the Dangerous Things community in general. They are doing it for love of biohacking and the DT community, and for all intents and purposes the Discord server is theirs to operate on behalf of Dangerous Things.