Can I set up my xNT with an iPhone on iOS 11?

Hi fellow implanties,

Yesterday I got an xNT installed in my right hand and today I am trying to set it up using my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS11. I tried downloading these two apps:

None of these app can read my xNT, and after watching this video (, I think it’s because my xNT is not encoded with an NDEF message.

  • Does anyone know how I could set this up?
  • Is there an iOS app that can let me to do what the Dangerous app does on Android to set up my xNT?

I only have a MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 Plus, and unfortunately don’t have access to an Android device at the moment.

Thank you!

First thing to do is find someone with an android (you must know someone) and use the android DT app to protect your xNT before you go writing to it.

Second, it’s probably not working because either you have swelling (increases distance between tag and reader) or most likely just aren’t placing the phone in the proper position and orientation in relation to the tag for it to get good coupling. To get a read with the xNT on almost any reader, it is critical that you understand exactly where the antenna loop is on the reader and orient the tag perpendicular to it.

I don’t have an iPhone so I’m limited on what I can tell you. On Android, Taginfo will recognize a tag whether its got data on it or not. I would imagine the iPhone is the same.

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Yes I’ve been asking all friends if they have an Android phone :slight_smile: I’m confident I will eventually find someone…

@turbo2ltr what do you think about this video ( saying that the tag needs to be encoded with an NDEF message?

@amal do you have any plans to create a version of your Android app for iOS 11?

“An iPhone NFC app only has access to the NDEF records; apps do not have access to the NFC chip’s UID or other special features in the NFC chip.”

Well I guess it sounds like you might be right…(though I have no experience with the iPhone) And you can;t write tags with the iPhone so you will HAVE to get some sort of other reader/writer to do anything with your xNT. Sorry. I suggest dumping all your apple products. hahah

From a technical standpoint, if what that article is still true and correct, it doesnt sound like an iOS DT app is even possible.

At this time Apple has only allowed apps to read chips and not write to them AFAIK. :confused:

It is frustrating. I recommend Craigslist or second hand stores for a cheap Android phone you can use for this.

@nope @turbo2ltr thanks guys! I used a friend’s Android phone to secure my xNT and I am going to buy a reader now to play with it more from my macbook (any recommendations?)

Do you know if there an app I can use on iOS to just read the data on my xNT? The two apps mentioned in my original post still don’t work (even to just read the tag).

I don’t know how to write on Tags with an macbook - but you can buy the Dangerous Things KBR USB Reader to login into your macbook - you don’t need to type your password - this works perfect.
I have a macbook air and a Samsung Galaxy S8+ - it is also possible to transfer data between the phone and the macbook.

Try to get an cheap android phone with NFC.
For me it was the first time hard changing from an iPhone to an Android Phone - but now I love it.

I’ve created a list of apps for both IOS/MacOS if you’re still having issues here,

I also have an iphone + mac so if you do get issues feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Superb resource, thank you fro making and sharing, I will be checking out that page in more detail soon!