Can I use surely to keep the needle would closed?

Title pretty much says it all trying to figure out if it’ll do the job

I don’t think I’ve heard of surely before, what is it used for?

Oof I meant super glue sorry lol


It’s ok haha, I personally wouldn’t since it’s very large and not linear. I’ve used superglue for deep cuts with a razor knife (not intentional ones) and you have to hold the would closed and apply superglue and keep holding, you don’t want superglue in your bloodstream and you don’t want to glue it open either.

Good points. I got a little impatient because I was nervous it would slide out so I just went and glued it shut, not open lol. Also used some baking soda to cure the glue faster. There a tiny bit of Neosporin between the super glue and the hole though. This is why I’m not a doctor.

What earth do you live on in which super glue doesn’t immediately cure and glue your skin to every surface?

Is that revealing or what? :slight_smile:

A bandaid or similar probably would have been sufficient as your body would produce a scab and close the small puncture wound on its own. Super glue is better for larger wounds like knife cuts and lacerations👌

Not unless you want it to be :wink:

Just kiddin