Can i use the walletmor in the uk?

so im looking at getting the walletmor so i dont keep loseing my bank card >:(
ive been doing my research and i have seen that some people are haveing issues with the card when makeing payments and they are unable to make payments with it.
this is a little bit of a worry for me as one, the price tag on the implant is fairly high, and two, i dont want to implant it just for it not to work.

i checked their website, they have added the uk to the areas where it can be used wuth icard, but at the same time, i dont want to risk it, if anyone in the uk has a walletmor implant already can you let me know how you are finding it and if it even works or not within the uk.

The App supports NFC and the account is freeā€¦
I would say try that first and if it works then i dont see why the chip would have issues.
That would rule out any payment processer issues at the minimum.

I will be doing likewise in the not to distant future.