Can I write NTAG213 to a ApexFlex (Apex Ring)?

Hello folks!

First post to DT forum. I finally got my ApexRing last week and just got my Proxmark3 today. I’ve spent several hours playing around with the Proxmark3 and reading every Low and High Frequency RFID/NFC device I have around the house haha (Work Badge, Home Security System Fob, Tesla Keycard, etc.).

Some seem difficult if not impossible to write to my ApexRing (Work Badge is DESFire Ev2). The Tesla Keycard has a Java applet so I already have that up and running, no point in ‘cloning’ it. However my Home Security Fob I would like to clone, so I don’t have to carry the fob around. One less thing the better.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don’t want to screw up my brand new ring and brick it. I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for this baby.

Info below:

[=] --- Tag Information --------------------------
[+]       TYPE: NTAG 213 144bytes (NT2H1311G0DU)
[+]        UID: **[HIDDEN]**
[+]     UID[0]: 04, NXP Semiconductors Germany
[+]       BCC0: 6A ( ok )
[+]       BCC1: 20 ( ok )
[+]   Internal: 48 ( default )
[+]       Lock: FF FF  - 1111111111111111
[+] OneTimePad: E1 10 12 00  - 11100001000100000001001000000000

Also just generally thrilled to be a part of this community. Any advice for a noob re: Proxmark3 / ApexFlex is greatly appreciated. I’d like to be able to eventually get my work badge on my ring, along with the fob identified above, and eventually my front door lock. Any recommendations for NFC enabled door locks (deadbolt preferable) is also greatly appreciated. I did some research and couldn’t find many links regarding ApexFlex so appreciate the guidance.


So Cloning DESFire Ev2 is not possible (there are magic chips that will let you do part of it, but no real use for anything else)
If your work is not using the DES Fire security, you MAY be able to enrol you Apex Ring with the administrator.

You can check it yourself via TagInfo

But This leads on to your other questions

Cloning is for when you dont have control of your lock and the enrollment process, otherwise the much easier option is simply enrolling your ring; compatibility iscthe important bit here.

make sense?



Completely understand - not the intent here. It’s for the NTAG213. I gave up on this and will work with Technical Security team at work to enroll my Apex Ring.

Precisely, hence the post. For the security system there is currently no OOTB ability to enroll another device. Which is very annoying. May look into another system as a result, but expected cloning wouldn’t be impossible so figured I’d give it a try.

Thanks for this - this is very helpful!

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What do you mean by this?
If you mean Writing the UID to the Ring, that’s the same answer as above, aka, nope.

If you are wanting to write to your ring like you can an NTAG213, 215, 216…
YES, you can write it via NDEF.
You just need to decide what size and install the applet

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this is the way. you can’t clone anything to the apex really, but you can run applications like tesla keycard. the nfc sharing capabilities you can install on apex work as an nfc type 4 compliant tag and the ntag family are type 2. the memory structure and method of reading are entirely different.

enrollment is your only option really.

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