Can I write to the spark 2 just like the xNT?

Will I screw anything up if I were to write to the spark using something like NFC tools? I have an xNT set up to open my calculator app. I had another xNT but the injection failed and it’s no longer sterile. Can I use the spark 2 as a regular xNT and still use it as well, the spark?

If you dont want to write to the chip itself you can use tasks in NFC Tools Pro.

If you go to the tasks tabs and select “reuse your nfc tag” under more options you can set up a task that your phone will execute when you hold it up to it.

I have a bunch of old hotel keys pasted in a couple spots like the side of my dryer to start a laundry timer etc.


So it’s not putting info on the tag, it’s just doing something when the tag is scanned?

Yup, its just executed by the phone if you scanned it with any other phone or device it would not do anything.

Edit: you can just delete any tasks you no longer want to use as well

Yea I’ve been using the tasks I just thought it was writing to my xNT because I had to scan it. Glad to know my spark can also run a task as well! Thanks!

Well it depends how you are using the tasks, you can write them to a chip I believe but if you specifically use the “reuse a tag” option it just associates it with it instead of writing to it.

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Great to know thank you:)

The spark can’t be written to, so you won’t break anything.


Does that mean it has a more “restricted” use, since i cant than record my bitcoin wallet to it or set up to copy a password to the device’s clipboard?


The intent is to use it as authentication to authorise the use of a wallet, etc.

The Apex can handle proper key protection as for wallets etc.