Can one chip do multiple things with one configuration

Specifically for the NT chip and the flexDF chip, there are obviously multiple things you can do with them, such as use the Samsung lock whatever thingy, interface with Arduino, make your contact appear on other peoples phones (among other actions), open a hotel room door etc. I was under the assumption that one NFC tag could only do one of those things at a time. and I’m not sure if that’s true. with one chip (specifically the flexDF), can I have it configured to do all of those things with a single configuration? does it vary from chip to chip whether it can? I’ve seen peoples Xrays who’s hands light up like a Christmas tree and have like 10 freaking tags in. if one chip can do multiple things with one config, why have so many? also, do different chipsets have different practical capabilities besides storage space? lay terms, please lol.


There are also different frequencys.
What I understand is, you can do, different things with one chip - like for the high frequency chip 13,56 mhz, the ID must be add into the system. I unlock my phone and log into my computer with the flexNT - a door lock would be also possible.

That x-ray photo looks familiar… oh wait, it’s mine :smiley:
Anyway, to answer your question: yes, one RFID/NFC tag can be used for multiple purposes, but I like to experiment with different (beta) products, coatings frequencies, implant methods, protocols, features, etc.
I work as a security guard and have access to multiple buildings. Each building has their own RFID access control system, from different vendors. Even at home I use chinese electronic cylindrical door locks, which works best in combination with the flexNT, while I mounted the xEM access controller in my car.

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