Can please someone help a newbie

Hi everyone,
I’m DutchDiggers from the Netherlands and am a total newbie with NFC and the whole world to that.
Because of a big event where technologie is the subject we had the plan to let people visitors to scan a NFC in a hand and get to a website where special things are briadcasted.
So a few days ago a NTAG216 was placed in my hand made by Dangerous Things. The website was made and the app Tagwriter was installed on my phone. In a tutorial I read how to read and write had to be done with it. I made a new dataset with our URL in it. Writing did not go well. Nothing happened. Than I thought maybe I can read something so I know it works… nothing happened. Probably I do something wrong but I am afraid that I lock my chip and it has to come out, so I thought I ask you guys what to do before I do something stupid.
Sorry for this newbie stupid question, but I hope someone can help me getting this thing starting up.
Do I have to do something FIRST before I can read or write to a new NTAG216?
Hope to hear something.
Kindest regard, DutchDiggers

The first thing to do is to figure out the best orientation to READ your tag as this is usually the issue. Download TagInfo or NFC Tools. Both will read an “empty” tag. Do not attempt to write to the tag yet. Use the app to figure out how your phone best reads the tag, The best coupling happens when the tag is perpendicular to the antenna in your phone. Since you cant see the phone’s antenna, this will take a little trial and error but typically the antenna is a rectangular perimeter somewhere on the back of the phone… What phone are you using? Typically the best orientation will be one in which the implant points towards the center of the phone, but from where on the phone is the question. This is where having a DT xLED comes in really handy.

Next go here and click the “Securing your xNT” towards the bottom.

Use the DT app to secure your tag. Use the orientation you found reads best when writing. Do not attempt to write your tag until you have done this.

Also read the “Practical read range” section.