Can’t write to Apex Flex

Was testing the Apex Flex I had installed just installing and then removing Applets. I can still install Applets but if I try and write text to it, it doesn’t work or write anymore.
I can partition the apex but can’t read or write. I made sure I never locked the chip. Is there a format or anything I can try ?


I’m guessing you haven’t waited the recommend 2 weeks at least for swelling to go down

It’s completely normal for a freshly installed implant to have poor performance and behave a little unpredictably until it settles down and the wound is allowed to heal

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No it’s only been 4 days but it was working fine up until tonight.

Been reading and writing to it the whole time.
Was trying to install the U2F app but it wouldn’t load so tried the manual delivery.
Hope it’s just swelling and not bricked.

I did wear my Apple iwatch ultra over the chip for a short time. Hopefully it’s not caused from a magnetic field from the watch.

I doubt it, give it two weeks for the swelling to go down.