Can these cards be cloned?


I’m very, very new to implants and chips in general (for clarity, I only started reading about the differences between NFC and RFID yesterday) so please bear with me! I’m trying to learn everything I can. In the meantime, I wanted to see if these cards I have can be cloned? From what little I’ve read so far, they would need to be cloned to the xM1, right? Am I understanding it correctly that they’ve got a 4 byte ID? Do I need to post the ATR?

Taken from NFC Tools for Mac OS:

Card 1:

TECH: ISO 14443-3A
NXP Mifare Classic 1k
UID: E2:B5:FD:D6

Card 2:

TECH: ISO 14443-3A
NXP Mifare Classic 1k
UID: C6:7D:B9:9D

I also don’t have a suitable NFC-enabled phone to use TagInfo (the old Samsung I have won’t support Mifare Classic), and I have both Apple and Windows devices to work with. What can I use as an alternative? I’ve tried looking for Android emulators that support NFC but I haven’t had any luck.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to gaining as much knowledge as I can :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re in luck. Yes, 4 byte NUID, an xM1 or a flexM1 would be the right tool for the job.

I believe @amal has a video on the DT website that shows how to clone these using a windows PC and an ACR reader. I’m more familiar with a Proxmark, but I imagine you’ll be able to accomplish it with a Mac and an ACR.

Welcome to the forums, great job on your research too!

Thank you! Only half in luck though, as I purchased the xEM and the xNT as starter chips, but I was aware that they may not be able to work with my cards. Not the biggest deal in the world, maybe I’ll purchase either one of the others in the future. Don’t suppose there’s any workaround to getting my xEM to play nice with them?

I’ve looked into one of those blue cloners and have saved some links to purchase them as a Proxmark is currently not feasible. It should be alright if I stick to the same cloner, provided no tearing happens, correct?

Here is the video @Compgeek referred to, to write to an xM1
You could also get a FlexM1gen1a and do the same
or you could get a get a FlexMgen2 the gen2 is possible to write to with a compatible phone, but until then, rather than the blue cloner, I would reccomend spending just a little more and get a more flexible ProxMark3 Easy

No stress mate, you are bound to come across things you can use the xEM with and the Proxmark 3 Easy with help out again.
The xNT with be good for business cards etc, and you can just borrow another phone in the meantime and write your NDEF record (business card, weblink, coordinates etc)

Unfortunately not for the cards you currently have, BUT like I said above, nothing wrong with the xEM and xNT you already have.
Hope that helps :+1:

@Pilgrimsmaster must have had his cape ready to go, he’s come in and answered most of your questions!

Yep, plenty of people have used blue cloners with mixed success. But I agree with @Pilgrimsmaster - I’ve purchased a PM3 Easy clone and it does the job beautifully. I even made a custom LF antenna with some pointers from @TomHarkness (who designed the awesome ProxLF antenna). The big thing is if a blue cloner does get a bad write, you’ll be looking at getting a proxmark or finding someone with a proxmark to get you unbricked if possible. May as well invest the tiny bit more for the lower end proxmark and have it at your disposal!

Where abouts are you located? There are plenty of PM3 owners on these forums that’d happily support a local business (read: grab a beer) once things reopen and could clone a card to implant for you!

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