Can this chip be used for dogs?

Hello I saw a news piece where 2 people and the guys 2 dogs had a chip from the website installed.
If I got one and put it in my dog could I gps track him?
Which chip to buy?
What software or app will track the chip?
Thank You!

  1. you could implant one of our xNT or xEM chips into a dog… but because our chips are not meant to be used for animals, the data encoding schemes that are normally used for animal ID applications are not present in our products. The short story is - the chip will sit just fine in your dog, but it will be useless because no vet or animal shelter could scan it.

  2. No implants offer “GPS tracking”… only identification. There are many technical reasons for this… for example, it would be very large, contain a battery, which would mean constant charging, and cutting it out every 2-3 years once the battery no longer held a charge… not ideal.