Can you clone HID iclass to a xSLX chip?

I had pretty much given up on cloning my student ID when I started looking up if it’s possible but today while browsing through the implants I saw the xSLX chip which is ISO15693 and I think that’s what most iclass cards use so is cloning it onto that possible or is it not just about the iso compatibility.

I ordered a proxmark3 easy just waiting for it to get here before I can really know anything for sure

Not sure, see compatibility matrix. ISO15693 is only a RFID standard, so some chips may require enrollment and some may not work with the access control system at all.

However, xM1 (changeable UID) is likely compatible if your card uses Mifare Classic, and can be cloned. If it uses Desfire, your implant will need to be enrolled (so that depends on whether the security is willing to let you enroll your own chip). As for xSLX, I’m not sure if it will work, but if it does work, it will need to be enrolled.

But I thought the ISO had to be the same to be compatible together

My ID doesn’t scan on taginfo and since it’s an iclass I’m 99% sure it’s HF but I’ve heard conflicting things so I won’t know until I check myself with a proxmark.

Why does it absolutely have to be enrolled? I heard the iclass master key got cracked a few years ago so it should be clonable as long as it’s to a compatible card or chip right?

HID iclass is all over the place. Some are HF and some are LF and some are both

I’m led to believe if it didn’t scan at all with your phone, it’s solely LF. We need more details


Yeah I know that’s why it’s hard to figure out where to start but from what I’ve found researching is that all iClass cards are high frequency and some are both but none scan with a phone. I thought this might be because phones can only read ISO14443 but I can’t find anything on that anymore and the protocol differences and meaning still confuse me

I’ll post more details as soon as my proxmark gets here but who knows how long that’ll take

An ISO standard talks about how it communicates the data, not how it’s stored and protected.

As far as I’m aware, the iClass master key only lets you write an ID to an unprovisioned iClass card. It being the same ISO standard isn’t enough to clone it, and no implants are fully compatible.

Like how you can’t clone an NTAG (ISO1443a) to a xM1 (ISO1443a) and have it work.

Not quite buddy, If you get an xSLX you will still be able to read it with your phone, as I can with my Original Spark ( Also ISO15693 )

More details on the xSLX
13.56MHz ISO15693 & NFC Type 5 chip
I think iPhone may have / had issues with ISO15693

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That’s probably where I got that from, when you read so many things about it and some of them are contradictory things get confusing.

At this point I just want an implant but I don’t know what I’d do with one yet so I’m just trying to make this work lol

Hopefully when you get your PM3 it will help

Either it is 13.56 MHz but isn’t supported by your phone (which is unlikely but possible), or it is 125 kHz.

If it is 125 kHz, you can get a xEM or NEXT.

If you have a specific purpose you hope will work, it may be better to find out if it can work and buy the right implant that should work rather than buying an implant that won’t work but a different one could.

That’s what I’m trying to do, I’m even looking up RFID locks or anything I could possibly use it for that won’t just be a party trick.

If it’s a 125 kHz would it be easy to clone since they tend to be low security or would it still give me trouble since it’s still an iclass card? Honestly I have trouble believing that my school would actually go through the trouble of getting secure cards although they do give us access to labs with thousands of dollars in equipment

Yes 125khz cards can easily be cloned to xEM or NEXT with a Proxmark 3.

I was under the impression that all iClass is 13.56, but some iClass cards also include an old 125 HID Prox card on the same card for compatibility with old sites.

I don’t believe there was a 125kHz only iClass card.

So if yours is dual frequency, you can clone the LF, but it may only work on some readers.

I believe the LF cards would specifically say HID Proxcard on them while mine says iClass which like you said is 13.56 MHz. from my research and contradictory information I got I was under the impression that mine was 13.56 MHz and my phone just couldn’t read it, now I’m optimistically confident that it might be a dual frequency card and they’re just using the LF part of it

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