Can you help me with this? AM i microchipped?


I do not have any images …sorry
What I do have is a true story that I need help with.
First I will give basic facts of the things that are happening to my body:

  1. Vibrations felt in the body.
  2. Something that is felt outside the body as in a beam or ray of electric?ie walking down a hallway in my home and I feel a beam that hits my body in one spot, I move alittle to the side and feel it in another spot that I lined up with the beam.
  3. I feel small electric like trickles in my body, that can go fast or slow then start to vibrate then start to numb a body part.
  4. I get vibrated wherever I go.
  5. When I was (I’m going to say implanted), something hit my back and then I felt a liquid like feeling go down my back.
  6. I will be driving and feel the seat suck up to my back, I press the gas pedal and my foot feels like a magnet with the pedal. When I take my foot off the pedal, the pulling sensation is so great that it feels like my toes are coming together. ie like my foot is bending in half.
  7. I touch my cell phone and get the trickles, then if I scroll the phone it gets faster vibrations then my finger and then hand will start to go numb.
  8. it gets worse, when I am sleeping , it just feels like a bed of electric.
    I need help in finding out what is going on in me. That is why I am on here in the first place. I am not crazy or mentally challenged. This is REAL!


Well, let’s consider for a moment what is “real”… you are only a brain sitting in a body, starving for input. The only way you can experience the world is through data coming into your brain. So of course what you are experiencing is “real” to you. The important question is - which is true with regard to the sensations you’re experiencing? Either A) there is external data coming into your brain from your nervous system, or B) your brain is generating false data.

When someone says “I’m not crazy”, that usually means they are trying to establish the former (A: external data representing these sensations are coming into an otherwise “healthy” brain), and negate the latter (B: my brain is not “making things up”).

What I can tell you is that it doesn’t matter which is the cause of your sensations, either way you have a problem that has nothing to do with “a chip”.

Please read this slowly and carefully -


Well that makes it good to know, that its not a chip. But what is it then? I don’t just sit there and think, oh my hand is feeling a trickle of electric or a vibration of whatever is inside my hand or body, doing it. These vibrations I feel are what I feel. Like hot and cold. I feel it. and if it makes my body numb in the spot then it gets numb. But I want to know what is generating this vibe through my body to get my hand or feet ,numb.? I am the one who went through what I am telling you. It first started from my middle part of my body to the left foot. my foot was vibrating like putting a vibrator to your skin/body and leaving it there.


I am trying to find answers is all. Is there possibly a liquid metal that your body can live with and survive possibly? this was a failed experiment. I am positive of that. and it was used on me. I am positive of that as well.


I think it would be good to contact a scientist… someone who can set up a blind test. basically something like - if putting your hand next to a cell phone (within 6 inches) gives you tingles every time, then have someone put some plexiglass between the phone and your hand and see if you can still feel it… if yes, then they create 10 boxes, 3 with cell phones inside, and put 2 covers over them… one cover to close the box and one to keep your hand from touching the box in any way… but still really close, like only an inch between… or less… then you simply test to see if you can tell which boxes have cell phones inside.

the purpose of this test is not to challenge you on what you feel, but to see if it is your brain creating this false data or if you are actually getting input from your nerves. You may have some neuropathy that creates abnormal data which your brain is trying to interpret the best it can, so it creates the sensation of vibrations to try to assign the data coming in some already known sensation. I’ve had sciatica and other nerve issues and the brain can really go crazy when your nerves are misbehaving.

anyway, my point here is this, either A) you have been given superpowers and you can interact with the universe in a way no other human can, or B) there is interplay between nerve input and the way your brain is interpreting that input that is causing “unusual sensations”. It can be easy enough to test for A… B is more difficult, but typically more obvious. A neurologist could help quite a bit with this.

Definitely read the whole post I linked you to… it is important to understand the how/why of “the chip” theory being bogus.


No… the answer is in your nerves and in your brain. There is no metal or anything even remotely capable of entering the body to imbue the kinds of sensations you are having, aside from mind-altering drugs maybe.


I am definitely going to try that. This is just bogus, but I will keep updates on what i find out. I have been through the mill and back with an x bf and his opposed experiment, ie sleeping on a bed of electric to watch movements through the night, which is exactly happening to me. Ive had other things happen to me that you are aware of .


correction …you are not aware of


This site is very interesting! I just read about magnetic implants and it sounds like what i have. Exactly. All with vibrations to magnetic fields ive experienced. Yes magnet use is very annoying as ive felt the vibrations on different parts of my body. I am sure that i get doubted but i wanted to know what was going on with me…i was not told nor was i informed of this at all.,but whats more different is using a cell phone for gps or whatever you can think of that ive not mentioned? i can be near my cell phone and be a inch or two from it and feel the vibrations. first its a trickle then more vibrating then my hand starts to go numb.


First of all, do the blind test @amal suggested. If you do not trust a medical specialist, ask a friend to blindfold you ^^
As for the magnet, running either a neodymium or metal detector over your skin should tell you the answer.
The bioscience of it doesn’t check out, and there would be little reason for simply implanting metals in people for the sake of it, it’s just not reasonable.
There are unverified cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, with unspecific symptoms like the ones you mentioned; however speculations aim at nocebo-related causes. Also, numbing sensations anywhere in the body is a red flag warning sign to get yourself checked out.
As for medical advice, have a word with your physician, and anything abnormal in terms of psychosomatic functions should come up, as well as percepted electromagnetic interference.


I would suggest you see a neurologist. You may actually be feeling these symptoms, but there could be a more mundane expansion for them, rather than thinking it’s an implant, it could be some sort of nervous system issue. I would start with something more likely than what you are suggesting and work from that point forward.

I’m not saying you aren’t feeling what you are describing, or even that you’re wrong in your thinking, I’m just suggesting you start with the most likely candidates before you look at something like this.

Neurological conditions can cause all sorts of weird sensations, including what you are describing, and you may be able to find relief.


Iron, I appreciate your response and I have seen a neurologist. I also work in the medical field. I’m just not in the forensic field. I have applied the plexiglass and cell phone to test and I was also blindfolded, it did not matter. Yes the plexiglass kept the tingles and vibrations off my hand but when the plexiglass was removed, I felt the sensations. Electomagnetic ?..ive also felt where on my hand I feel something inside trying to push out. I have been through the mill and back as ive stated earlier on the first post. THe balls of my feet do the same …something trying to push out from underneath my skin. Its odd to me but I feel it. Short of everything else, I would like to cut it out of my own body. that’s how annoying it is. There was something done to the inside of my home also, I thought I had honest friends…Personally I think that whatever is happening is just for torment.


Hmm… I think we’ve failed here. We tried to tell you that the problem is with your brain. Nobody gives a flying fuck about you enough to play “the torment game” with you. Do you have nuclear codes? Control vast financial markets? Rule over a country with huge reserves of natural resources? … no? Then why the hell would anyone bother fucking with you. IT. IS. IN. YOUR. HEAD. Go to a head doctor to get it fixed. If they fail, go to another one. Keep going to doctors until someone can help you.

I just watched this today… seems very relevant to you.

Sorry to be so harsh on you, but you obviously are not listening and I don’t want your mental illness to result in harm to anyone else… which it will if you continue down this path of “I want to cut my body up” and “my friends are spying on me”. You will eventually lose all ability to think any clear thoughts at all, and you will very likely end up hurting people.

You hear me? If you don’t get help now, YOU WILL END UP HURTING INNOCENT PEOPLE. You will become a danger to society. Think about that while you still can, and go GET HELP.

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