Can you help me with this? AM i microchipped?

I do not have any images …sorry
What I do have is a true story that I need help with.
First I will give basic facts of the things that are happening to my body:

  1. Vibrations felt in the body.
  2. Something that is felt outside the body as in a beam or ray of electric?ie walking down a hallway in my home and I feel a beam that hits my body in one spot, I move alittle to the side and feel it in another spot that I lined up with the beam.
  3. I feel small electric like trickles in my body, that can go fast or slow then start to vibrate then start to numb a body part.
  4. I get vibrated wherever I go.
  5. When I was (I’m going to say implanted), something hit my back and then I felt a liquid like feeling go down my back.
  6. I will be driving and feel the seat suck up to my back, I press the gas pedal and my foot feels like a magnet with the pedal. When I take my foot off the pedal, the pulling sensation is so great that it feels like my toes are coming together. ie like my foot is bending in half.
  7. I touch my cell phone and get the trickles, then if I scroll the phone it gets faster vibrations then my finger and then hand will start to go numb.
  8. it gets worse, when I am sleeping , it just feels like a bed of electric.
    I need help in finding out what is going on in me. That is why I am on here in the first place. I am not crazy or mentally challenged. This is REAL!

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