Cannot Get A Read xSeries

I have some hf readers at work that I am able to couple with a xLED but not any of my xSeries implants. Could it be I’m getting enough power to light up the LED but not enough to actually read a tag?

Yes that can happen depending on the reader. In fact if you have an XSIID you can see the LED light up well before you get a read.

Are the other x-series recent? Swelling can also prevent you from getting a read even if it’s not visible.

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Okay, swelling shouldn’t be an issue for the Next. Either the readers are too weak or you havent found the sweet spot. Maybe try using a field detector keychain to see what orientation is the brightest

In addition to the above, I would also suggest using TagInfo and read your access card/fob.

Let us know what chip it has.

What could be happening is, your NTAG216 (NExT) and Mifare Classic (xMagic) are not compatiable with the system you are trying to use it on.

[Great implant choices by the way]

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Ahhhh, Awesome, I must have missed that in your post.

I’m assuming the Mifare Classic?

If so, and you cant get a read on your xMagic

This is probably the main reason, mixed with a little bit of

I think you should wait another couple of weeks

Try again; I found that rather than simply presenting to the reader I would approach from the side and swipe across the face like this


Do it

hopefully your readers will allow you to do this

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the reader might be severely under-powered :confused: