Cannot read RFID tag based on microcontroller

Hi everyone, since i am new to this hobby and don’t know much yet about rfid tags, i wanted to ask for your advice. I found this interesting ISO 15693 rfid tag (see attached image - sorry for the quality, but it’s a tiny component and my camera is not so great) and did what every geek would do - tried to read it and understand how the circuit works! :grinning:
So obviously I tried getting its info first by reading it with proxmark 3 easy (hf 15 info/hf 15 dump/ hf 15 search, etc.) but with no success. I also tried using various apps for reading tags, but with the same result.
I looked at the circuit and it composes of two ICs, some passive components like capacitors, resistors and the antenna. The main IC is a MSP430FR5738 microcontroller. I had some serious trouble identifying the second IC, the only info I have is its ASK17 marking on the package.
Does anyone know what may be the reason i can’t even read this tag with proxmark? What can i do to further investigate and finally solve this interesting thing!
Thanks everyone

My first question is, where did it come from? What did it come out of?

There are a lot of NFC controllers in products that are actually dynamic by nature meaning they are communicating with some other processor internally within the product over I2C or some mother data bus, and that processor is effectively dynamically setting data for an external smartphone to read. A typical application would be Bluetooth pairing for smart speakers etc.

Basically with these types of applications, disconnecting the module from the processor will render it useless because the NFC controller is not being given any instructions on what to do when scanned.

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