Can't read/detect implant cant see it but can feel it under skin

Don’t know what to do here…any suggestions ive tried all the quick fixes…

This sometimes happens, especially immediately after installation. Possible reasons are;

  • Inflammation is causing extra distance between tag and reader, making it difficult to read.

  • Inexperience with rotation and orientation when trying to read an x-series tag.

  • Inadequate reader antenna performance causing problems getting good coupling with the tag.

  • The wrong reader technology… essentially not understanding the technology and installing the wrong tag type.

To illustrate Amal’s third point:
My phone (Moto Z) absolutely refuses to read my tag (xNT). My wife’s phone (Moto Z Force) also will not read it. Both phones read other tags.
Other phones that won’t read it:
Nexus 6p
Galaxy S5
The phones that have been able to read it are:
Pixel XL
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S8


You should also consider getting an xLED to test your phone’s optimum tag position and rotation.

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