Can't Scan New Implanted xEM Tag

Got it installed 26Hrs ago, can’t manage to get a read with the dangerous things app. Using Galaxy S7, but have also tested on an Oppo R15 Pro. Just wondering if anyone has an idea as to what may be going on.

**Update: Lucky I was already looking at getting LF and HF…

Thanks, Ryan.

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If I’m not mistaken, the xEM is an LF tag so phones cannot read it

Which reader would you recommend

I don’t have any LF implants yet, but I know the Proxmark is highly recommended, beyond that I’m sure some more experienced forum members will be around soon

You can also check the compatibility matrix for some other ideas

Appreciate the help, thanks :slight_smile:

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This reader is what I believe a good amount of us have. Takes quite awhile to ship though. It’s definitely the best budget option. Otherwise go for a Proxmark RDV4