Cant see, feel or scan xnt!

Hi I recently installed the xnt chip but as the title suggests an unable to locate it in my hand. I work as a paramedic and installed the chip with a colleague at work after following the pro instructions. We are all trained in sub cut injection and have decent knowledge of anatomy so I’m unsure why the chip cannot be palpated. There was limited swelling initially which has now subsided and the syringe definitley made the trademark click. Have there ever been issues with syringes being supplied unloaded? Unfortunately I cant order an LED scanner as they are out of stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich.

Hello Rich,

After reading your post, I think the best way to verify and locate the xNT tag implant would be to get an X-Ray photo taken of your hand. As a paramedic I think you would have easy access to this method.



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Hi Rich, with thousands of installs, we’ve had probably 10 reports of “empty syringe” but in all cases the chip was in there. As an EMT you know - every body is different, so it may just be a bit too deep to feel properly. Another possibility, however unlikely, is that it has migrated somewhere else… but typical migrations are rotational realignments, not really lateral progression. An x-ray is, of course, the fastest way to find it… hopefully you have a buddy who work in radiology?

What are you trying to scan for it with? Have you considered trying an ACR122U? They aren’t perfectly awesome, but typically way better than a phone at getting a good read… as long as you try different orientations of course.

So were you able to read your chip?