Can't seem to find an RFID ring in size 15

I’ve been tinkering with RFID for a while. I’ve swapped out several door locks to Sifely locks and found that most of the 13.56 RFID tags in my Elegoo kits can be used to open all 3. For years I’ve considered an RFID implant, but I want to test the technology with a ring first.

My problem is that I have big hands and I can’t find a size 15 mens ring. Most stop at size 12. Does anyone know of a source, or even a silicon ring with an RFID tag?

Failing that is there a tag I can attach to my medical ID tag. Most of my family members think I’m nuts, but I think Implants are safe enough. After all I already have 3 pins in my ankle, some bone screws, and somebody elses liver and kidney installed, and I’m still going strong. What’s a little glass chip…


And this one has a 16

That would be nice, but ive been checking for months and these are always out of stock.

You mentioned an elegoo, could you just print one? I think a crystal clear would be killer