Can't stop smiling!

Hey all. I have taken the plunge and got my NExT implant and I am so pleased with it. Child-like levels of joy. I haven’t even done much with it, just set tasks to toggle the flashlight on my phone. Since I had it implanted on Wednesday I just walk around with a huge smile on my face and keep looking down proudly at my right hand. It’s fantastic. First proper project will be to get my motorbike starting with it.
This looks like a great forum and I just wanted to check in and say hi to some like minded people. The few people I have told seem less than impressed. My wife has been supportive as always, but doesnt really understand my enthusiasm. I dont get why people aren’t as in awe of this as I am. This is significant! I feel like i have evolved to a new level. I have artificially upgraded my body to be able to communicate with computers contactlessly. That is an incredible achievement.
As a 41 year old guy, the technological advances i have witnessed in my life are beyond anything I could have imagined.
Than you Dangerous Things for making this product so accessible. It is awesome!



This might point you in the right direction…

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There are still so many more avenues to explore,

The feeling when you pay for something
The feeling when you share your contact details
When you start unlocking literal doors with your bare hands

(Dammit, @Pilgrimsmaster always one step ahead)


That looks helpful thank you. It’s going to be a great learning experience. I only have a crappy little dirtbike that is a project in itself, but its all coming together beautifully.

Sounds like a perfect project project

Welcome to the family…

After getting my first chip only a few people know about it It was also like: “I have one, I have one…”
After telling it on FB, that I’m chipped, 2 people freaked out and deleted me from their friends list - some others were also a bit shocked - but it was ok for them.

Welcome to the dangerous gang! Be sure to share what you use it for in this thread

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Sometimes it takes Amal a little while to get the settings dialled in :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m debating this as well. My first “project” was cloning my building access fob onto it so I don’t need keys for my condo, but the bike is high on my wishlist for a real project. I’m a little torn because I don’t know how long I plan on keeping this bike, but also it’s older and I should be able to do it in a way that’s reversible. There are a few posts on here of folks who have done it either using aftermarket kits or full DIY. The Motogadget Mo.lock works with a NExT and looks like a fairly straight-forward drop in kit. Pilgrim posted a few links above, but there are a couple more if you search.

40 here. When I was younger I used to live near an old cemetary and had sleep issues so some evenings I’d wander the cemetery and look at the dates. Folks who were around for the model T also saw the moon landing. I can’t even imagine that kind of change in a lifetime. We’ve seen a lot, but in general it’s been along the lines of improving existing tech; smaller, faster, portable. I can’t imagine watching a moon landing and remembering taking a horse-drawn buggy to school as a kid…

Anyway, welcome to the family!


When I read this it threw me off for a bit. I had to read it three times while it started to sink in. :exploding_head:


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Yea that’s a pretty dramatic example, but just think about computers, 20 years ago an iPhone 12 or samsung insert random interval number would have been a pipe dream

And that’s just 20 years, imagine what could happen in the next 20 that we think is laughable

Last christmas I tried to explain to the nephews that I was older than the internet. They just couldn’t conceive of the idea.

Also the same thing about needing to walk, to a place, that had a phone.

Interestingly, technology begets technology at an accelerating rate. Not only are we gaining more tech, but the pace at which acheivements are made is on an upward curve that we can no more fathom than those horse and buggy riders watching a moon landing.

I can’t find it now, but I used to have a graph of when different types of engineering developed over time. We kinda started with Civil Engineering, and it slow burned until it branched off, and off, and off. The graph shows a beautiful accelerating curve.

I couldn’t even convince my son who happens to be 20 yrs old that ALL phones had cords attached to them and that before handheld cell phones were popular everyone had phones permanently mounted in their cars. :exploding_head:

Oh yeah, you were a high roller if you had a bag phone.

Whippersnappers! When I wer’t lad we would be lucky if we had tuppence for a phone call in the booth a quarter mile away!

Traded me only pair of shoes to use the town’s phone to call me ma. Then had to walk two hours home barefoot…

Surely this walk was in the snow and you had to stop on the way to warm your feet in a cow patties
:cow2: :poop: :footprints:

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Fun fact about the Amish Paradise video: Weird Al had to learn to sing that song backwards for the final shot, and had a super difficult time with the pronunciation so that it looked like he was actually singing it.

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lol please


Yeah. This dude wins.