Indian Scout Bobber 2018 - Keyless Ignition

I just finished my Keyless Ignition and fuelpump security setup on my Indian Scout Bobber Motorcycle.

I had some problems with the MO-Lock and my NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant, i wasn’t able to turn on the MO-Lock, turning it off was not an issue.

I cloned a EM4100 transponder to my implant with the Proxmark 3 and the ProxLF antenna for the Proxmark3 RDV4, it works perfect with a pretty decent reader distance :slight_smile: Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster for your hint :slight_smile:

I made a small video if you want to watch

Goodbye keys :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Gorgeous bike! And an awesome project!


Thanks @Moonman0922 I like the result and I just love DT NeXt implantat , a life saver :slight_smile:


that is really awsume this is what i want on my honda :smiley:

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I love it.

Really discreet

Read range looks good and also reliable

You did an awesome job :+1:

Thanks for sharing


Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster, it’s still stanged why I had to clone another Em4100 to my implant - but it works now and that’s good enough for me :blush:

I am finally getting my bike moved from storage up to my current home soon. I am using my vacation time over the holidays to go pick it up. Doing this is something I’ve considered ever since I got my implant, and I already drafted it out months ago (with help from ODaily). Do you feel that the Mo-Lock is worth it when compared to a custom latching relay system that uses an XAC? I can very easily replicate a similar system by using the XAC V2 with 3 regular DPDT relays, or 1 DPDT relay and 1 latching relay. Alternatively, the Mo-Lock can do it with just 2 relays and is much more compact than the XAC, as well as the fact that it is already weather proofed. Do you think the cost of the Mo-Lock is worth it when compared to the alternatives?


That is a brilliant project!
Thanks for sharing!

It sounds like a great theft deterrent beyond being super practical!

Also looks cool and achieved a great read range too! ^^

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I don’t know the XAC, I choose the MO-lock due to its compact design, I wanted it to cover the hole that was left removing the old ignition switch - it fitted exactly within 1,5mm enough to make a nylon fitting.

Also it has a great reader range with the NeXT implant 2-4 mm.


This is the product I was referring to. After adding a casing for the XAC (because it comes an exposed circuit board), the relays, and anything else I might run into it will probably be around 4x larger than the MO-Lock. Not sure which route I want to go yet, one is prettier, but the other is more cost effective.

There would be no place for me to fit this on my Scout Bobber, and Ill also be worried with the exposed circuit for a bike.

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Although that seems perfect for a custom bike, where you can lay the access control board flat down the seat somewhere and run the wires through everything. perhaps even enabling a secondary antenna in the handle.

But for a conversion I think the MO-lock is much easier to integrate.