Car clone/copy keyfob

I drive a bmw, when I hold the keyfob near the Handel and put my hand on the Handel the car unlocks, Then I can click the ingetition button, I don’t need to even take the key out of my pro key to unlock and start the car. Would there be a way to clone or emulate the key fob onto a chip?

No. The key fobs are typically active, so they have a battery in them allowing them to have much bigger range. The tech they use is different than the implants.

It would be a good project through to get a spare key from your dealer and hack it with an RFID controller. This would let you basically scan your implant to connect the battery to the spare key (inside the vehicle). Once the key is “alive” you could then open the door and start the car. Getting a low power reader that won’t drain your battery and can toggle a relay on each scan will be the challenge.