Car transponder bypass

i know a few people have gotten their implants to work with their ignition i’ve gotten almost everything else figured out but i can’t find a good way to bypass the transponder without completely disabling the anti theft system

I think some borgs have left their key, or taken it apart and left the transponder inside the car instead of bypassing it. Though I’ve been in a few vehicles where it knows the key is inside, so it won’t lock until the transponder is out of range I’m assuming.

interesting ill have to test that later

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Here’s my implementation.


how about a transponder bypass :wink:

Horses for courses
Can you elaborate on your vehicles transponder?

it’s a 07 Toyota corolla with the chip in the key i think that will probably work i’m going to test it soon

Perfect, this is the Info I needed …

Yes indeed it will.

You have ~3 options

  1. Buy the transponder bypass and put a key with the transponder in it inside the module

  2. Buy the transponder bypass and remove the chip from the key, place the chip inside the module, now you have an “extra” spare key

  3. Don’t buy the transponder bypass, but simply remove the chip and attach it in close proximity to the antenna coil (usually around the ignition barrel.)

With the first an second option, you could buy an xAC V2, to authorise your implant which provides power to the module, thus allowing you to start with a key

The “problem” with the 3rd option, is you can’t introduce an authorisation, because the chip is always present to the antenna coil…not a real issue, just less secure. (well there is a work around but it’s also a fuck around, so let’s ignore that)

With all 3 options, you could add in a simple Push to start system, so you can remove the requirement for a key altogether.
You can buy these, with or without RFID authentication.
So for option 3 above, you could get a P2S and use that for authentication
For options 1 & 2 you could get the RFID version.
Just be aware, the read range on the RFID P2S module is quite short for xSeries implants, so bear that in mind for the antenna placement.

Here is a guide that may make the install of a P2S a little easier (same principle for both versions)

For us, it is a pity the key chips arent easy to copy to a T5577 Implant, then you could simply implant the chip and move the antenna coil from the ignition barrel and voila, a “factory” immobiliser bypass implant in your hand.

  • It would not be safe to implant the key chip, Mainly because, the glass chip versions are likely not resin fled, and because they have not been tested.

Didn’t see this thread, can confirm that a transponder bypass module, like the one linked by Pilgrimsmaster, works great. Super simple devices, fairly cheap, too.

I talk about it in my post here:
CaRFID - Custom Ignition Switch Replacement (Open Source)

It’s a long post, but the relevant section is under “Security bypassing”. The device is incredibly simple, just needs +12V and ground. The antenna loop is fairly forgiving on both the key end and the ignition end. I just threw my original unmodified key in there, and hid the bypass module super deep in my dash (~12 screws need to be removed before you can get to it). This gives the ability to easily restore things to normal, if something goes wrong. Just grab the original key back out and you’re good to go.

As that section talks about, you’ll likely also need a method for bypassing your steering lock. I just cut the end off of a spare key, left it in run in the electrically disconnected ignition switch, and that worked a treat.


So clarify for me

If you went the route of leaving a key shank in the ignition, are you worried about somebody just using that to start the car?

I can’t decide if all the security bypassing is worth the convenience

As mentioned, the ignition switch itself was electrically disconnected. I soldered to the actual wires going the ignition switch, but disconnected the connectors from the switch. This left the ignition switch mechanically active, but electrically disabled.

If someone wanted to reconnect it, they would have to remove the bottom of the dash, held in with 4 bolts that need a very long extension, and even that panel is covered with another panel held in with 4 more screws.

Even if they did that, the transponder would still not be enabled, so the car still wouldn’t start (since a spare key is used, with no transponder, and the head cut off anyways).

While yes, someone could open the center console, remove my radio, and hotwire that area, they would have to figure out the exact pinout for the 14 or so wires involved in just ignition + transponder bypass. If someone is able to reverse engineer that whole setup, they’re likely not going to resort to stealing cars haha