Card Emulator Apps

Hi Guys,

Ifnthere are card emulating Apps, why cant we make an app to have the chip emulate our creditcards/ etc.? Asking for a friend, :sweat_smile:

Secure chips, like credit cards, do cryptography on their chip.

The chip doesn’t just say “hi I’m credit card xyz”.
The reader basically gives the chip a math problem only this unique chip can solve.
The secrets needed to solve this challenge never leave the chip, so it can not be cloned/emulated.

The best thing you can do is get a virtual credit card on your phone which you link to your credit card, it’s basically what you want (it’s called tokenization), so use Google Pay?

I suggest you search up some of amals posts on the topic.


Wow thats really enlightening! Is there a way to emulate google pay or use your chip to pay with google pay thru tap/contactless NFC facilities?

Yes, but the payment processors don’t like implants for… reasons. So wearables are possible (like the Apex Ring) but the implant versions of the exact same chip are not possible. The best options at the moment are conversions or Walletmor.

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