Cardlock key cards?

I’m just wondering if anyone knows how this system works I can’t find a lot of info. I’m renting a beach house in a gated community. The card looks like a laminated piece of cardboard and half the time the stupid thing doesn’t work. There is a small bump in the card but thats all I can find. The site says the scanner is magnetically operated but I can’t find much else. Just curious about how it works any info would be great.

I bet you anything they’re mag cards with magnets embedded in one or more strategic places, that activate corresponding reed switches in the “reader”. Why do I think that? Because there’s this in the manufacturer’s literature:

Only paid-up members are issued card keys
Low cost, and replacement locks are free when exchanging last year’s card reader
Exclusive combination for your club
Once a year you will change out the key card reader and key cards (pick a date that is most convenient for your club)

Apparently you change the reader itself every year to invalidate last year’s cards, and they “program” the combination for you. They issue the cards for your club’s members too. That screams hard-coded “code”.

And of course…

These card keys are a time-tested […]

Time-tested means outdated technology. And that company has been around since WWII.

No worries of down computers or complicated software training.

Meaning it works when there’s electricity and it doesn’t have any logic. it ain’t RFID, or even magstripe.

If my theory is correct, just spread some fine iron powder on the card to reveal the magnetic divots.

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or if you dont wanna get messy with iron powder you can get a piece of magnetic film that let you see magnetic fields and by association magnets.

but yeah rosco is right its a logicless lock who uses magnets


Thanks guys it is magnetic and its all bent up which is probably why it doesn’t always work.

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