Cellular camera system (no wifi/Internet on site(US))

Hello y’all,

Im looking for a security system, camera monitoring is enough, to install at a location where I don’t have wifi/Internet available.

I have cell signal so I want the system to be able to send notifications through the Internet (email or app) with a data sim only.

I do have power, so battery isn’t an issue.

Anyone got a pointer or experience with a system like that?


I have.

You didn’t mention if it was indoor / outdoor

I tried 3 different types of cameras.

The first one was cheap, SMS but a piece of shit, so lets not even discuss it.

The second was an indoor only, ok camera, ok set up, it was reliable, but was over priced for what you got

The third is the path I think you should pursue. I have used a few and can give you brands if required, but shopping locally is probably your best bet.
Trail cameras should meet your requirements. The market is flooded with them, the majority are standalone, but there are still a good number of SMS capable models.

The Only downside is the range of view are almost always wide and short, so if you want to look further away, it may not do what you want, but if you want to cover a wider area, over a shorter distance, then they should meet all your criteria.
They can generally send SMS and/or email notifications, those will generally have a thumbnail attached. From there you can pull down a full sized image.
I have used a few, and they keep getting better.
The last one I bought was about 4 years ago, so thats as upto date as my information is, but I got a couple of Owlzers as a starting point for you.
There is an accompanying app to go with it, and set up is easy.

I got the Z1 4G trail cameras

When you start looking, the obvious difference will be the price difference. 3G/4g cameras will be more expensive than the standalone equivalents.

Like I say, my knowledge is outdated, but if you have more questions, fire away

good luck


In the past i have used a data plan sim with a mobile hotspot device to connect the cameras to. I find android apps easier in this respect because everything is simple to set up, it’s going to pbe the same process with iphone too. Connect your phone or tablet to the hotspot and then set up the cameras on that network. Then use the camera app to log in from your mobile or tablet remotely.

Are you starting from scratch or do you have cameras you are using and you want to know how to link it all up together?

So it can either be really simple or a bit complex depending what your needs are.

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Thanks for pointers :+1:

It’s outdoor, 3-4 cameras should be enough (they can be wired if needed).
I’m starting from scratch, I don’t have anything yet :sweat_smile:

I looked at trail cam, but I don’t like the idea of the storage being in the camera, if someone walks away with it, I loose the data …
I would like a local storage and only send notifications through the cell network (to save a bit on data) if possible.

I found some “security camera kit” that have a nas and cell backup, but I can’t find any description of what data goes through where and how the notification works …

The more i dig into it, the more a standard NVR/DVR system with local NAS connected to a cellular router seams like the way to go. a bit more work to setup, but much more flexible on the long run.

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If you want to go a total DIY route and have some computer skills, you could grab an old computer and install home assistant and frigate on it. Frigate is a software NVR package that does object detection, it works with Homse assistant to do notifications. You could then have home assistant notify you over the data Sim with a photo/alert of any incidents. It would save a lot of data and still have local storage.

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Definitely something to look into, I like the idea :+1: