Chameleon lite emulator - anyone got any reviews?

Just wondering if anyone has used the Chameleon lite emulator and if it was worth getting? I already have the mini revE (the vanilla version, not iceman) and it performs perfectly. The lite has LF slots and also BLE, where as the revE doesn’t. Are those the only differences?

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I don’t recall seeing anybody mention the Chameleon Lite…Yet, But there are a few people with other Chameleon readers, such as the Ultra, Tiny and Tiny Pro.
What is it you are mainly trying to achieve / get from this reader?

There are a number Matrix with the comparisons, so if you know the Specs of the Lite, you can do your own comparison

this one for example is not complete as it doesnt show the Tiny Pro (Which has BLE)

or this one

You get the idea…

I also did a review of the Tiny (Pro) here

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Comparisons of the matrix docs was what led me to think it was just the uid clone, LF and BLE that was missing from the revE. I was thinking more in terms of ease of operational use. Uid copy can be substituted with most android apps and instead of bluetooth i use an rfid extender.

The review of the Chameleon Tiny is well written and a good read.

I have to confess i am a bit of an emulator hoarder, i just love copying stuff.

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