Chameleon ultra not reading NExT

So I bought a Chameleon Ultra recently and have been using it to read and hold my keypasses successfully. recently it started being able to read ntags but I cannot for the life of me get it to read my NExT implant. has anyone had any luck doing this? or can anyone recommend a position that has worked for them?

Hey, welcome to the forum.
So try reading with the clear part facing your implant. You can see the antenna on the edge. So this should help you position the chameleon better. I can read my next just fine, but not my xmagic…

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how long ago was your NExT installed?

a few weeks, maybe 6 weeks. the chip was readable from day one by my phone and, flipper, proxmark etc.

lining the edge of the antenna up with the implant at 90 degrees and slightly over one end more, epoxy side down got it.

thanks :slight_smile:

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