Chameleon Ultra - should I get one?

Greetings Fam.
Writing this maybe to justify spending some hard earned cash on some more toys.
Already owner of proxmark3 rdv4 and a flipper. Both pretty neat devices. Since I’ve acquire them I leaned a lot for rfid and it’s being a wild ride. I love my proxmark(more or less). Recently I got a splinter in my mind. Should I get a chameleon ultra? I see it’s available in lab401. What really drives me to this decision is the form factor, the attack vectors and also that it’s cute af.

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im selling the Chameleon Mini Pro on the buy sell group if you wanted to try the older version first.

My hot-takes, I like it, its a great formfactor and easy to utilize.

What i hate, firmware is finacky, often not updated properly and requires lots of run arounds to find solutions to issues. The application for your phone is very out dated. While i love the formfactor i hate that it isnt as seemless as it likely would have been if app development stayed consistent.

that aside i enjoyed it while i used it. Now my flipper does what i need for my use cases. At the time, i was using it to store Amiibos on it. Something changed and now i cant write them through tagmo on my phone to the chamelon because of how nintendo is battling tagmo. so i dont really have a use for it any longer.


Agreed, That is a fantastic size, Thats why I got the Tiny when it was released, then the Tiny Pro, and have considered at the Ultra.

I have personally used mine very little, mainly because the tiny & Pro cant write ALTHOUGH, I believe they are capable of writing, but it hasn’t been enabled, and THAT annoys me, now they are selling the ULTRA that can write, but to me it seems exactly the same, but now with the write enabled (Plus LF)

IF I have that all correct, That would be a reason for me to boycott them, if they unlocked the HF write, It would sway me back, and because it also has LF I would consider getting one as I am interseted to see how / if it works with xSeries and Flex.

Besides, even thought the Chameleon Tiny/Pro/Ultra would easily fit in a pocket, for me, it’s more of a bag carry because I am not writing every day.
So If I am going to carry something in my bag, I will (and do) carry my more capable Flipper.
The Specs claim to be better than the Flipper, and it may well be, but their matrix is biased toward the Chameleons capabilities and NOT it’s shortcomings ( as expected for marketing, but people should still consider this )

The only reason for me to get an ultra would be as a keyfob if I had multiple different lock doors I opened daily, That I couldn’t use my implants for.

A different lock for, Home, Work, Pool, Gym, Car, Car Park, Holiday home etc.

All that being said, it is a great form factor and powerful for its size and If I didn’t have a Flipper I would 100% get one


Thanks for the replies, Folks. I was looking at the ultra since it’s the latest and greatest stuff and it also have the lf functionality. But from what I read it seems, pm3 with blueshark and phone with cli client would be way more handy.

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After a few beers and many days of wondering, I’ve decided to give the chameleon ultra a try regardless. I do have some use cases where flipper may not be applicable. Went to lab401 and as with my luck it was out of stock, so I grabbed one from Ksec. Should be here next week, so I will drop a review when I am done playing with it.