Chat GPT +

So has an AI that will train on an uploaded voice sample and then you can make it say anything you want in that voice. And it works scarily well.

So I trained on the first couple minutes of a VO script I had recorded for a YT video, then I had it say another part of the script.

This is the original VO (not the training data) (sorry for the zip didn’t allow MP3s)
vo take 2 (659.2 KB)

This is the elevenlabs generated voice of the same part of the script
synthesized_audio (1).zip (257.3 KB)

So then I asked ChatGPT to write me a 1 minute patriotic speech on the second amendment.
I am now a well spoken political figure. :smiley:
synthesized_audio (2).zip (665.5 KB)

If this isn’t scary, I don’t know what is…

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I think this is paving the way to something like vivo key and personal identity certificates that will need to be used to verify both official communications and real-time personal communications to verify the identity of who it is you’re speaking with.


Knowing humans, more likely the source of cruel cruel “jokes”.

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Yeah exactly. In the future all media will be digitally signed by the creator.