(**) Cheap 125khz RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock (AliExpress)

125khz RFID card lock locker Electronic Cabinet Lock


Works like this ( follow the product link, First image is a usage video )

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125khz RFID card lock locker Electronic Cabinet Lock Magnetic Swipe Card RFID Cabinet Locker Door Locks with free wristband|Electric Lock| - AliExpress


Almost entirely plastic LF 125kHz EM410x locker lock
Gold plastic handle
Black plastic covering the antenna
Blue plastic housing
Folded sheet metal lock latch
4 x AA Batteries


Not really worth my time to write A LOT, but it does work, so it may be of interest to somebody with a FlexEM for something


What can it do.
Works with EM410x
FlexEM ~ 5-10mm range

Does not work with xEM / NExT Implant

Product sales GUFF

How about the instructions instead

Setting method:

(1): initialization:
After installing the battery, hold the initialization button for 3 seconds, the buzzer “beep” One long beep, release the button, the buzzer “beep” every 1 second, has entered a “single card mode” . “Beep” sound is not stopped. Then click the Initialize button, buzzer every 1 second “beep” “beep” twice, has entered dual card mode.

(2) set the management card:
Set the single-or dual-card mode on the panel to read the hand engraved with three words of the management card "(or key chain card), the buzzer beep long beep, said first management card set read into another management card, each time accompanied by a buzzer beep long beep indicates that the card is already set to go. In the single-or dual-card mode, the management card can be used to open the door.

(3) Set the guest card:
Said that the card has set a good long beep any one management card read 3 under on the front panel, while the traffic lights flashing, then read into a customers door numbered card (hand) ‘tick’ set guests Card. In single card mode, the guest card can open the door.

(4) Set the waiter card:
Panel read any one management card, the green light flashes quickly, to enter the state to set the waiter card, take engraved with “waiter card” hand (or key chain card) panel read. Buzzer beep One long beep indicates that the card has been set to the waiter card, when the lamp is not extinguished, setting 13 consecutive waiter card. The waiter Card can not open the door.

2: Precautions
(1) Management Card consecutive read 6 times, open the door, at the same time the management card, guests card and the waiter card are deleted. Became initialization state. Then read the first two cards and the management card.
(2) If a cabinet lock the guest card out or bad, when you need to set up another guest card, with any one management card in the panel on the tonal three times fast blinking traffic lights. Another guest card can be read into at this time. (See guest card set) and the previous guest card is removed.
(3) mechanical key and external power supply: Remove the front induction hood, available external power supply. Remove the panel available mechanical key.



~ USD$7 for Product
~ USD$6 for shipping


Didn’t bother, it’s back in the box to live forever…


You get what you pay for…


Would you recommend it?
Maybe something to lock your bedside table sex toy draw :man_shrugging:

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125khz RFID card lock locker Electronic Cabinet Lock Magnetic Swipe Card RFID Cabinet Locker Door Locks
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I need information on the refrigerators lock since I want to protect my children from alcohol. Also, can you tell me if this lock is acceptable for the refrigerator?

I have no idea, but the lock is a piece of shit, so I don’t think it would be suitable for what you want.

How old are your kids?

Are you talking bottles or cans or both?

There are bottle locks you can get.

Can the kids reach the top of the fridge? there are other options.

There are magnet locks.

Also if you are looking for liquor cabinet locks that may suit your purposes