Cheap HF USB Rfid NFC interface with Linux support

Hey - im on a search for a cheap RFID Reader/Writer for HF stuff.

My Daily Driving OS On my PC Is Linux mint 20 with some VMs installed if i need other Operating systems (Mainly for work because i can only do that on windows)

50+€ for a proxmark is kind of expensive, and i wanted to ask for other suggestions or if i should save up some months and get a pm3^

My PC is a Thinkpad X240 - it even has a NFC Reader in the Touchpad but i cant get it to work


I found a Pm3 for 39,57€ incl shipping from china.

this one i could get for about 6€ but who knows if its gonna work for me …

Look how they took the windows logo xD

I wasted some money on cloners and readers and now I just regret not buying a PM3 and/or ACR122U.

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What do you want to use it for?

I run Linux exclusively and I can recommend a few readers, but it depends on what you want to do.

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that does not work well with some libraries/frameworks, such as nfcpy, and give you a headache for more robust work depending on how you need it setup.

Granted that is an issue with the usage/library, but worth of note nevertheless.

As @anon3825968 pointed out well, depending on what you want to achieve there will be one reader which suits you better than another.

I dont play do do specific stuff with it (maybe PC login)

Just want to geht started with RFID - play around - learning by doing.

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I would recommend the ACR122U. Everybody has one: it’s the go-to reader for HF implants when you don’t know what to get and you’re not sure what to do with it. It’s supported by just about everything under the sun.

As for logging in using that reader - as well as many other types of readers - under Linux, weeeell… you’re in luck: I have just the thing for you :slight_smile: Be aware that it requires some manual configuration, and it requires you to know your way around a Linux system, because I couldn’t be assed to write an installer. But there is a well-documented README.

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Except if you plan on using it with Type 4s / DesFire while using most of the non C++ libraries.

In which case it’s aparently not under the sun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For Log-In, something like this reader is really easy and plug-n-play.

But if you want to learn by doing, then @anon3825968’s suggestion sounds like a winner!

What I was saying was, everybody needs an ACR122U. It’s far from perfect, but it does a lot of things and works with a lot of software for the price. And it’s kind of the de-facto reference to compare read range performances. For 30 smackers or whatever it costs, you can’t go wrong.

After that, if you need better or more specialized hardware, you can always get another reader that suits your need better. But at least having gained the experience getting the ACS going with various stacks, libraries and software, you’ll know what to look for in another reader.

I have 6 or 7 ACR122Us here and I hardly ever use a single one of them anymore, as I have better hardware, but I’m glad I have them.

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I actually do agree with you!!

It just annoys me so much that it’s such a silly thing… Even more since it’s because the manufacturer added that bit just to make it “work easier on Windows”… :expressionless:

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