Chinese chip implant

hi guys turning on aliexpress i came across this:

from the specifications it seems to me to be the same, what’s the difference?

Same as what?

Things bought here also are filled with bioresin, I doubt there you linked it.

Also, are you able to see if they have any quality control?

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the features are similar to xEM or am I wrong?
for the quality it will certainly be poor, but it could be useful for testing or not?

It will most certainly be unsafe to inject. If you’re thinking of taking it out of the injector and testing how your readers work with a x series shaped antenna it could be useful but remember that you will have some skin to contend with also.


Right so there was a chat in the discord about these things not long ago. You can get these from aliexpress excetra I’ve bought some in the past without injectors and non sterile there great for putting in 3d prints or testing things out.

DONT IMPLANT THEM, the glass is substandard I’ve broken one just by squeezing it in my fingers. The glass is of unknown standard and if you look at some of the test Amal has done they seem to leach chemicals.

I personally would go as far to say there unsafe for animals let alone humans.

Ones I’ve bought,


yes of course I was only talking to use them as a test and not to fire them, just to experiment with the various types of writing software and avoid blocking my real system, so as to be sure when I write about it


So if you know the history of “DT” Amal started in 2005 with implanting an RFID chip that was pretty identical to the pet chip, to be honest, it was very much like the pet chip but the vet industry is very proprietary and had some wired system in place (IDK I just know amal didn’t use a pet chip specifically)

Now as others have said, these Chinese pet chips are substandard in glass and whats its made of, On top of that there is usually a type of adhesive in animal implants to keep them from ever coming out (that’s why we don’t use that, coz even if it helped with migration it would make it a lot harder to get out if needed)

But you just want to use them for prototypes, very smart as I wasn’t and almost bricked my chip once.

The internals are most likely gonna be the same, not much difference if you are testing data (less so if you are testing reading range)

Not to nitpick, but aren’t all glass implants technically Chinese? Even “proper” ones made to DT standards come out of a factory in China.

Good point, i guess we mean “non tested mass produced” implants.

You have no evidence to indicate that DT implants are made in a factory in China.

Didn’t Amal say so? That’s what I seem to remember.

Nothing wrong with China: they make excellent products provided you have tight specs and QA procedures to prevent them from cutting corners any which way they can. Case in point: iPhones are made there.

Actually I thought we talked about this before… but to clarify, the glass we use is from Germany and our factory is not in China… specifically because we cannot trust bonded warehousing there… and I don’t want to send reps every 3.months to visually inspect things.


Aah okay, my bad. I must’ve misunderstood. Or my brain got scrambled. Probably both.

Incidentally, just to clear the air in case my China comment got misconstrued: I didn’t mean to disparage DT products. Like I said, there ain’t nothing wrong with products out of Chinese manufacturers in 2020, provided you keep them on a tight leash. In fact, good products out of China are probably better than most anywhere else.

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Oh no I didn’t take it that way and it’s totally understandable… nearly impossible to make anything now without China being involved in some way… just wanted to clarify is all.

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Interesting, I have embedded ntag stickers and t5577 stickers in 3D prints before

I always wondered how an x series might be nice for some non biological projects, but always assumed they would be highly impractical…

I might order some of these to play with

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