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Hi Y’all,

I am interested in purchasing some implantables before Defcon this year. I would like to be able to start my car, transfer some data to a phone using nfc, (maybe) make an nfc payment, and copy my building keyfob onto my implanted device. This would effectively eliminate the opportunity for me to be required to carry anything beyond a smartphone. I have been looking at the number of different implants but it’s quite difficult for me to really find the correct devices for the task. It seems as though the vast majority of the implants on the site are extremely similar but I am not aware of all the pro v cons of all the devices to make an informed purchasing decision.

I would love for someone to explain these things to me so I could have the opportunity to purchase the correct devices for me instead of fumbling in the dark.


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Have you seen this page? (referenced in the thread CHIP STUFF by @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha)

It should already help you out.

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Converting your car to NFC/RFID start is usually a more DIY project, you won’t find an implant that “just works” for that particular task (unless you have a Tesla)

Quite a few people have done it already though, so there’s plenty of reading material on the subject:

This will also take a little more information about what type of cards your building is using

Good luck!

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Greetings, and welcome.
Let’s start in reverse order. First thing I would do if I were you would be to get a rfid/nfc reader so I can properly identify what access control cards/fobs I have.
Most building access systems are sh*t and they use em4100 which means that the key card/fob can be easily cloned to an implant that have t5577. There are good implants that have lf chips in combo with hf so you can use the implant as key for your residential building and also store some info on the nfc side. Payments so far with implants are complicated (Apex Flex still do not support them). Maybe you can check Walletmor or send a real card for conversion to an implant(keep in mind that conversion option comes with some hairy cons / when card expires your implant is rendered useless). I use a smart watch with google pay and/or my phone. If you really like a wearable payments, you will have to wait for the Apex ring. Unless you’re driving a tesla ( then you can get Apex flex implant registered as a tesla keycard) unlocking and starting your car with implant would require a 3rd party element installed in your car.
If you’re serous diggin into rfid stuff I would highly recommend getting a proxmark device. Flipper zero is also not a bad tool, but proxmark allow you to go way deeper. Last advice, dig in this forum and spend some time reading. You will be surprised how much information can be found here. Good luck!

For payment there’s not much choice it’s either a conversion of an existing card or Walletmor depending on where you live.

For your building fod you need to read it with something like NXP reader on Android and let us know what it says.
Most likely it will be clonable to something like a NeXT or xMagic but you never know.

For the car you’re gonna have to do some DIY as @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha said.

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This has been super educational. I appreciate al the answers from everyone!

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